Who We Are: Karen


“So what brought you over from America to Airdrie?” I hear this question almost every day as I go about my life. At work, in a taxi, at the grocery store, the petrol station, the garage, the chip shop…anywhere I go there is bound to be someone who notices my un-Airdrie accent and tries to place it. Truth be told, it’s a tough question to answer. Few people, when they ask this question, are expecting an answer that says, “God changed my life.”

But that is the truth of it – and the change that He made has had amazing results. I grew up in Arizona, which most people know is desert (with sunshine and blue skies every day!). I often get asked, “Why in the world would you want to leave America to come to Airdrie?” It’s not a big city like Glasgow – it doesn’t have beaches and golf courses like St. Andrew’s – what’s so special about Airdrie?

The thing that I found to be special about Airdrie is the Airdrie RP Church, and the people in it. And the reason I found this church and these people to be special is because of how Jesus Christ works in their lives. When I first came to Airdrie, I was on a mission team that was coming to help work with the church. I thought I was going to make a difference to the church – but the truth is the church made a difference to me. The people in it were so friendly, and so loving – and they wanted to honour God in everything they did. That impressed me.

When I went back to America after working on that mission team, something had changed in my life. All my life I had known God, had read my Bible and gone to church. I believed that He was part of my life. But now I wanted to take a step forward, a big step that required that I trust Him with all of my life.

So I did. I left my job, my family, and my friends, and came to Airdrie. In time God has given me a new job, a truly loving church family, and new friends. It is a change in my life I will thank him for the rest of my life.

Karen Reyburn