Who We Are: John

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how my life has been changed by God and to challenge you, if you are not a Christian, to come and hear the gospel as I once did, and have your life changed forever.

About three years ago, I was living what I thought to be a fairly normal life, I had a good job, a loving partner and a beautiful baby daughter. Life couldn’t get much better, or could it? As much as I tried to convince myself that this was as good as life gets, I always felt that there was something missing.

Then one day Lorna said to me that we had been invited to the week of special services at our local church and suggested that we should go along. I reluctantly agreed to go along just to see what it was all about. Little did I know that what I would hear that night would change my life forever. That night I heard how God sent his only Son to die on the cross, so that we can spend an eternity in heaven with God. I know that the sermon consisted of much more than this, but this was the message that struck home to me. What an amazing sacrifice this was. Since then, that something that I felt was missing in my life has been filled with a deep desire to get to know God better, to walk in the ways of Christ, and to worship Him and give testimony to Him whenever I can.

The Christian life is not easy, but very worthwhile. Your life changes as you develop more in Christian living, from how you speak, the friends you have, what you may watch on television, and how you spend your free time. Each new step you take fulfils that missing part in your life, and that brings glory to God, which in return gets you closer to our Creator. Who would not want to enjoy a better life, when you understand what awaits you in hell?

God has blessed me in so many different ways. Many different things have happened to me in my life since then. Even when times are difficult, and there seems to to be no way out, God always has the answer. He always reveals His purposes to us and in His own time. When I feel low or there is a problem in my life, I know that I can turn to God, and He will always be there. He alone is the one constant in my life.

So, if you are reading this and thinking, “There’s something missing from my life,” I would encourage you to take up the challenge and come to hear the gospel being preached. You never know, you might just hear something that could begin a new chapter in your life and secure your eternity in heaven.

John McIndoe