Who We Are: Ian

I remember reading the story of the young lawyer who sat at his desk and had this conversation with himself. “What will I do when I finish my apprenticeship?” “Well, I will start out on my own business,” was his answer. “And what after that?” “Well, I will go on to make lots of money.” “What then?” “Then I will retire and take life easy.” “But what then?” “Well, I suppose eventually I will die.” “And what

then?” It was at this point that the young lawyer realised that there was something more to life. That young lawyer stopped in his tracks and saw that the main purpose in life was not self-satisfaction but finding a life that was full of purpose. That same day the young man trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ and went on to be one of the greatest lawyers in America. Now he did eventually go on to be rich and enjoy all the good things in life, but the purpose in his life changed from pleasing himself to pleasing God and doing His will.

I suppose that the story of the young lawyer rings bells with many of us, me included. I had the ambition to get on well in life, to do well, to be prosperous, but on my terms. I was going to do this on my own and by my own strength, and I suppose that when it eventually worked out that way, I thought to myself, “I have made it!” Made what? Yes, I had a profession. Had a good salary. Could afford a nice house. But what was the purpose of all this? Merely to accumulate wealth and knowledge or was there something more to life than that?

Even with all these things, there was something lacking. What was lacking was understanding the purpose behind having them all. Then I realised that all I had, had been given to me by God. He had, even through my pride and ego, been loving and caring to me.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want me to have these things, but what he did want was for me to use the gifts he had given me in the first place, for his divine purposes. It was only when I got that into focus that I then came to know God in a real powerful way. God has promised, “Do it my way, and you shall be happy”. Are you happy today leading a purposeful life for the Lord Jesus Christ, or are you like the young lawyer? Well, remember the final question you must ask of yourself, “After death – what then?” God does have a purpose for your life.

Ian Shaw