METs (Bible Study)

Each week MET (Mutual Encouragement Time) groups meet to study God’s Word. We meet in small groups for an hour to discuss a portion of the Bible that is set in the church bulletin each Sunday. The format is simple and has proved really helpful in encouraging people to read their Bibles during the week and in building friendships among the people in the church. This is important and helpful if you are new to the church and have never been a part of a church before.

If you would like to join a MET group, speak to a member of Session.

The current MET groups are:

MET at Rodger Home – 7.30pm – Leader: George Rodger

MET at Bruce Home – 11.30am – Leader: Sam Bell
MET at the Duguid Home – 7.30pm – Leader: Grant Alexander

MET at the McIndoe Home – 7.30pm – Leader: John McIndoe

MET at the Quigley Home – 6.00pm – Leader: Andrew Quigley
Youth MET at church – 6.00pm – Leader: John McIndoe


Here are some comments from those who participate.

“I always come away thinking about how to apply the Word to my life – it’s not just a study in general concepts. Plus we have great banter, a real mix of people who enjoy being together.” Karen Reyburn

“The great thing about attending the METs is that you get a lot of different opinions on whatever passage of Scripture you are reading. It’s extremely helpful to see what other people get from the passage that maybe you have missed. And it’s also encouraging to get together with fellow Christians in the middle of the week for prayer and fellowship.” Jimmy Fisher