RPCI Camp Reunions

Caitlin and Calvin Quigley travelled over to Northern Ireland on the 27th-30th January to attend the Irish RP Church Camp Reunions.

CaitlinCaitlin went to Girls Adventure Camp Reunion. She says, “The talks were on several different things: prayer, psalms, how to read your Bible. They had a prayer workshop where they showed that there were lots of different ways of praying. That was really good. My favourite activity was going into Coleraine to go shopping. The best part about the weekend was getting to see everyone I hadn’t seen in awhile.”

CalvinCalvin went to Boys Discovery Camp Reunion. He says, “There were three talks, and they were on different parts of the parable of the prodigal son. Usually you learn about just the one son, but this time we learned about the two sons. We learned about the son who didn’t care about his father, who just took his inheritance, and was bad. That’s what you always hear about. But we also learned about the other son who was jealous. He looked like somebody who would be nice and was working hard, but he didn’t really care about his father either – he was just doing it for the sake of doing it – just to get an inheritance. They were kindof like the tax collector and the Pharisee – one son who was all proud and thought he was better than everyone else, and the other son knew he was bad and said sorry. My favourite activity was watching the camp video. The best part of the weekend was going and meeting new people and making friends whom I hadn’t met before and getting time off school.”