France and Ireland

The Scottish Church has a direct input into the mission work in Nantes, France, and in the Republic of Ireland via a mission committee which operates under the oversight of the Irish and Scottish RP Churches.
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RPC France Website


Sudan and Cyprus

We take an active interest in the mission works operated under the oversight of the RP Church in North America.


GO Mission Teams

GO Mission Teams are a ministry of the Irish RP Church. Each April the Scottish RP Church hosts a five day GO mission team from the Irish RP Church, and each September a special one day team from Ireland. Young people from Scotland also serve on week long GO Teams throughout the summer in the Irish RP Churches and church plants.


RP Mission Teams

RP Missions is a ministry of the RP Church of North America. The first RP Mission Team organised came to Scotland in 1997 and since then the Scottish Church has hosted a month long team each June. Under Matt Filbert’s leadership this ministry has grown and now sends out a number of teams across the globe each year.