Covenanter Youth

CY, or Covenanter Youth, is our youth group for young people ages 11 and older.  We meet every Friday evening starting at 6.15 for a Youth MET and followed by fun and fellowship.  CY Connect is for 10 year olds to join with regular CY, and it runs once a month.

We are also involved in Kids Club, Bible Classes, GO Teams, Camps, and Conferences.

If you’d like to know more about the CY, if you need a lift to CY, if you’d like to help with CY, please talk to a member of Session, Ian Gillies, or Beth Bogue.

CY Schedule for November is:

3rd November – CY Connect: Games Night

10th November – CY: Bowling

17th November – Pizza and Games

24th November – Mini-Golf & Krispy Kreme