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Big Event – Luther Documentary

On Friday evening, over 50 people from the Airdrie congregation as well as some friends and others from the Glasgow and North Edinburgh congregations, gathered to watch a documentary on the life of Martin Luther, the Germany reformer who famously nailed 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, 500 years ago, sparking the… Read more

News – Week Beginning 17th September

METs METs are studying Genesis 37:1-38:23.  For more information about the METs, click here.   Covenant Kids Club Covenant Kids Club is off this week for September weekend and will be back on next week.   To read more about Covenant Kids Club, click here.    CY & Youth MET CY and the Youth MET are… Read more

Prayer Points

Thanksgiving and Prayer For: – the blessings God gives us: food, shelter, etc., and for His love, and mercy, and grace to us His people. – the gift of the Lord’s Day, when we can rest from our normal work and gather to worship Him.   Salvation – the salvation of our children, young people,… Read more