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News – Week Beginning 21st May

Reformation Tour The Kirkpatrick Reformation Tour takes place from the 15th-25th May.   RP Mission Team The RP Mission Team begins on Thursday of this week.   Airdrie/North Edinburgh Session Meeting The Airdrie/North Edinburgh Session Meeting will take place the 26th May at 1.30pm.   METs METs this week are studying Genesis 3:15-4:26. There are… Read more

Prayer Points

Thanksgiving and Prayer For: – the blessings God gives us: food, shelter, etc., and for His love, and mercy, and grace to us His people. – the gift of the Lord’s Day, when we can rest from our normal work and gather to worship Him.   Salvation – the salvation of our children, young people,… Read more

Stornoway Ordination

You can watch a video recording of the Ordination and Induction of Mr Stephen McCollum on youtube.  You can watch it here. 

RP Global Alliance Website

The Reformed Presbyterian Global Alliance has a new website and Facebook page.  Check out the website here: The Reformed Presbyterian Global Alliance (RPGA) is a consultative community of Reformed Presbyterian Churches worldwide. Formed in June 2015 by the RP Churches of Australia (RPCA), Ireland (RPCI), North America (RPCNA), and Scotland (RPCS), it also represents the… Read more