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Mission Services

The Mission will be held on the 19th-21st April at 7.00pm and on Lord’s Day the 23rd April at 11am and 6pm.

Airdrie GO Team 2017

This year’s Airdrie GO Team took place from Thursday 13th – Monday 17th April. The team consisted of a group of six from Northern Ireland and Co. Donegal, Ireland: Ross Fallows, Anah Laverty, Ruth Denniston, Vicki Blackburn, Timmy McGurk, and Patrick Stewart. We are thankful to God for bringing us together through this short mission… Read more

Goodbye to McCollum Family

                                      On Tuesday of this week Stephen, Brenda, and Zoe McCollum will be moving to Stornoway where Stephen will be ordained and inducted as the minister of Stornoway RPCS on the 28th April, God willing.  Stephen and… Read more

News – Week Beginning 18th April

METs METs are off this week because of the Mission. There are 5 main groups meeting Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  If you’re not in one of these groups, and you would like to be, please speak to Andrew.  For more information about the METs, click here.   Covenant Kids Club Covenant Kids Club is… Read more

Prayer Points

Thanksgiving and Prayer For: – the blessings God gives us: food, shelter, etc., and for His love, and mercy, and grace to us His people. – the gift of the Lord’s Day, when we can rest from our normal work and gather to worship Him.   Salvation – the salvation of our children, young people,… Read more

GO Team and Mission Leaflet Distribution

The six member Go Team (Ross Fallows, Anah Laverty, Patrick Stewart, Timmy McGurk, Vicki Blackburn, and Ruth Denniston) arrived safely on Thursday the 13th April.  There are 15,000 leaflets inviting people in Airdrie to come to the Mission services next week.  The Semester in Scotland students, people from the Airdrie congregation, and some from the… Read more

Let’s Worship God

We are starting a new series in Let’s Worship God in Philippians. To download your copy, click here. 

Stornoway Ordination and Induction

The Ordination and Induction of Mr Stephen McCollum as minister of Stornoway RPCS will take place on Friday the 28th April at 7.00pm.  There will be a live stream, Lord willing, of the service into the Airdrie church hall that evening.

Congregational Lunch

There will be a congregational lunch following morning worship on Lord’s Day the 16th April.  This will be a time to say goodbye to Stephen and Brenda and Zoe McCollum before they move to Stornoway.  For more information, contact Grant Alexander.