Prayer Points

Thanksgiving and Prayer For:

– the blessings God gives us: food, shelter, etc., and for His love, and mercy, and grace to us His people.
– the gift of the Lord’s Day, when we can rest from our normal work and gather to worship Him.


– the salvation of our children, young people, and  those who worship with us but as yet have not professed faith.


– that God would write His Word on our hearts.


– Pray that God would continue to bless the preaching of His Word. Give thanks for the safe return of Andrew.
– Give thanks for the regular participations at the METs and Bible classes.
– Give thanks for Kids Club, the Youth MET, and CY. Give thanks for the opportunity Beth and Ian G. had to share their testimonies last week to the CY and the good questions that were asked afterwards.
– Pray for the Big Event on Saturday. Pray that the evening would go smoothly, that everyone would enjoy it and be encouraged by it.
– Give thanks for those who do church cleaning and offer hospitality.


– Give thanks for the safe return of the Quigleys and pray for them as they get over jet lag. Pray for Andrew, Heather, and the family regarding the Call Andrew has received from Ottawa RP Church in Canada.
– Give thanks for the good time Jess Muir, Emily Robertson, and Eilidh Campbell (Glasgow RP) had at Camp Reunion.
– Pray for David Frame who is away on holiday to Italy.
– Pray for Margaret Gilchrist who has been in hospital and is now at home recovering.


Congregations in which the Session are directly involved.
North Edinburgh
– Pray for their AGM on Friday evening.
– Pray for Rev. Peter Loughridge as he preaches on the Biblical criteria for the offices of Elder and Deacon.

Stranraer RPCS
– Give thanks for the opportunity we have to study the shorter catechism together at our Thursday Bible studies. Pray that this wouldn’t just be an interesting time of discussion but that the things we learn each week would have an impact on how we live our lives.
– Pray for Hannah who in Ireland this weekend at Girls Camp Reunion. Pray that she would make lasting Christian friendships with the other girls.


Sister Congregations, and Churches
– Stornoway – Pray for Rev. Bill Matthess as he preaches at their Communion services.
– Glasgow – Give thanks for the number of visitors they had at their evangelistic services on Thursday and Friday evenings.
– Irish RPC – Pray for the Shaftesbury Square RP Reformed Conference (Tuesday 7.30pm) and the Guest Lecture at the Reformed Theological Hall (Wednesday 11am-1.15pm). Pray for Rev. Kenneth Stewart as he speaks at these.
– North American RPC – Pray for Shawnee congregation which has called Rev. Philip McCollum to be their minister. Pray for Philip as he decides what to do.
– Nantes RPC in France – Give thanks for those who have been coming to the English Bible studies and asking good questions.
– Australia RPC – Pray for the Frankston congregation as they join with McKinnon for morning worship and then have evening services in the homes of members. Pray that the Lord would provide a minister for the Frankston congregation.
– Japan RPC – Pray for Kasumigaoka RPC: Pray for them as they look for a minister for after Rev Leach retires this summer.


National Leaders
– Pray for our nation as we see the growth in ungodliness.
– Pray for the Lord’s mercy upon our Parliament that they would seek to be obedient to God.
– Pray for the Queen as head of state and for the salvation of the next Monarch.



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