Kids Club and CY Outings

Covenant Kids Club Party

On Friday night Covenant Kids Club finished for the year, and we took the children to a local ten-pin bowling place in Airdrie.  For some of them it was their first time ever to go bowling, and for several there was the added challenge of trying to lift a bowling ball that was considerably heavier than anything they had lifted before.  After showing them how to do it, and finding some lighter balls than the 15lb ones they were trying to lift, they got started and all did very well.  After the bowling there was a supper of burgers, sausages, and chicken nuggets before heading home for the evening.  We are very thankful for the children who come regularly, for their parents and grandparents who bring them so faithfully, and for the leaders who put their time into Kids Club.  We are conscious of the tremendous privilege and opportunity it is to teach them from the Word of God week by week and our prayer is that the seed sown will take root in their hearts and lives by the grace of God.


CY to Edinburgh

Also this past Friday night the CY went to Edinburgh for ice skating.  It was a very cold, crisp night, and everyone was well wrapped up.  Even those who hadn’t skated in awhile got the hang of it quickly with a minimum of falls.  Afterwards we went over to the market set up in Princes Street Gardens.  After a quick wander round with time to buy crepes and candy floss, we headed back to get the train to Airdrie.


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