Prayer Points

Thanksgiving and Prayer For:

– the blessings God gives us: food, shelter, etc., and for His love, and mercy, and grace to us His people.
– the gift of the Lord’s Day, when we can rest from our normal work and gather to worship Him.


– the salvation of our children, young people, and  those who worship with us but as yet have not professed faith.


– that God would write His Word on our hearts.


– Pray that God would continue to bless the preaching of His Word to His glory.
– Give thanks for the opportunity we had to hear about the RP Church in Australia. Give thanks for Graeme, Allison, Caleb, Lachlan, Jasmine, and Mia Hart who are with us today. Pray for them during their 6 month pastoral exchange in the Newtownards RP Church in Northern Ireland.
– Pray for us as we study God’s Word in the METs.
– Pray for Kids Club and CY. Give thanks for the good time the CY had bowling on Friday night.
– Give thanks for those who do church cleaning and offer hospitality.
– Pray for the Semester in Scotland students in their studies.


– Pray for Harry and Anne. Pray that the social services home care provision would be in place soon.
– Pray for Ian as he recovers from his surgery.
– Pray for those dealing with chronic illness.
– Give thanks for what Andrew has got done on his thesis, and continue to pray for him as he works towards his deadline of the 1st December.


Congregations in which the Session are directly involved.
North Edinburgh
– Give thanks for the 7 new people from the community that have been coming to the church. Pray for salvation of those who aren’t believers, and that those Christians would consider making the church their spiritual home.
– Pray that the Lord would continue to bring in people to hear the Word of God preached.

Stranraer RPCS
– Give thanks for the three women who came into membership last Lord’s Day.
– Pray for the planning for the work to be done to the church building.

Sister Congregations, and Churches
– Stornoway – Give thanks that the congregation is going to worship in the Stornoway YMCA for two weeks to see how it works for them.
– Glasgow – Pray for Ian Gillies (junior) and those from Glasgow and Stornoway who are in The Gambia working with a church there. Pray for Pastor Sylvester Konteh who was recently taken under care by the RPCS Presbytery.
– Irish RPC – Pray for those ministers and elders in the Irish Church as they meet together for the Day of Prayer tomorrow.
– North American RPC – Pray for the Pacific Coast Presbytery as a committee is in British Columbia, Canada this weekend to investigate a church plant opportunity as well as meet with a congregation about beginning a relationship with the Presbytery.
– Nantes RPC in France – Praise God for the opportunity of input to a debate following the showing of the film “Luther” in a cinema in Nantes as well as afterwards with a number of individuals. Pray that something said may cause people
to seriously reflect and, like Luther, study the Bible to seek truth.
– Australia RPC – Pray for the decisions taken at the RP Church of Australia’s Presbytery meeting yesterday.
– Japan RPC – Please pray for the Open Church event which will take place on 2nd December at Kasumigaoka RPC. May the Lord send many new people to the congregation through this opportunity.

National Leaders
– Pray for our nation as we see the growth in ungodliness.
– Pray for the Lord’s mercy upon our Parliament that they would seek to be obedient to God.
– Pray for the Queen as head of state and for the salvation of the next Monarch.



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