Stranraer GO Team

Jessica Muir and Calvin Quigley were on the Stranraer GO Team last weekend.  Here is their report about the weekend.

On Friday Emily Robertson and I travelled down by train to Stranraer.  When we arrived we had lunch, and then we went to the local care home.  I played fiddle and Emily sang, and then we all sang some Psalms for the residents.  We then had an opportunity to speak to the residents.  Then we went back to Stephen and Carla’s house for an introduction to each other and the work of the church there.  After dinner we went down to the church to set up for that night.  The whole church came together as well as some folks from the Baptist church, and we watched a documentary on Martin Luther.  After the documentary we went to the homes of the people we were staying with.

On Saturday the church had their Family Fun Day.  We had coffee and scones at the church.  Then the group split into kids and adults.  Ken gave his talk to the adults.  The kids were split in two.  For the younger kids we did a wee play of Joseph and Rachel explained it.  For the older kids, Gareth gave a talk about Joseph.  We then came together to sing some Psalm choruses and have a craft.  There were about 20 children.  After lunch, we went to the Milligan’s and set up for the other part of the day.  There was a bouncy castle, face painting, and games for the children, and the adults sat around chatting.  This was followed by a BBQ.  After that the boys went off to the Hall family house to play football, and the girls went off to do some baking with Hannah Hall.  Then we returned to the homes where we were staying.













I really loved staying with the Hall family and getting to know them.  They were so nice and funny.  We had a great time.

Jessica Muir


On Sunday after worship we had a church lunch with the whole congregation with some nice desserts afterwards.  After that the GO Team went to the care home nearby and sang some Psalms and had tea with the folks there.  Then we went back to Carla and Stephen’s and some went for a walk and others just stayed and chatted.  After the evening service, we had tea and coffee, and then we went up to the Hall’s house and spent some time there chatting with them.

On Monday everyone came round to Carla and Stephen’s and we had a prayer time.  Then we all headed out and went on a Reformation Tour led by Stephen and went to Wigtown to see the martyr’s memorial, and then we spent an hour or so in Wigtown.  Then we headed back to Stranraer and spent some together before those of us from Airdrie left for the train, and the others left for the ferry.

One of the highlights for me was the Fun Day.  It really tied in with the whole message Carla and Stephen were trying to put across – that the church is a family.  It was nice to see the older and young ones together and those from Ayr as well.  It was also good to just to be there on the Team and encourage the church in Stranraer.  Also, Malaysian food is tasty.

Calvin Quigley


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