Cloughmills Go Team

The Cloughmills Go Team started on Sunday the 6th August.  There were ten people on the team.  On Sunday we arrived for morning worship and had lunch afterwards and then we talked over what was going to happen for the Kids Club that week.  Then we went to the prayer meeting and evening worship.  Then we just went to the houses we were staying at.

Monday started with a Bible study and then we organised getting set up for the Kids Club which was beach themed, so we were putting beach things around the church.  Then we split up into different groups, and six people went and distributed flyers about the different activities the church was doing that week.  A couple stayed to paint a prop for the Kids Club, and myself and someone else went round the shops in the area and handed out flyers about the upcoming activities.  That evening we went to crazy golf as a team, and then we went to Morelli’s for ice cream.

Tuesday started with devotions, and then we had a team meeting before the Kids Club started at 10.  Kids Club was split into two groups: Primary 1-3 and Primary 4-7.  We had games to start with and then snack time, singing, talk, and memory verse, and then after that we had craft.  Then we came together and had more singing and a quiz about the talk.  The first day we had 46 kids from the church and the community.  In the afternoon we had the Team Bible study.  In the evening we had the Go Teens, so that was teens from the church, the community, and other churches.  The first day we had competitive sports like hockey and bucket ball.  Then we had a Bible study with the Teen group.  They had been studying the Ten Commandments over the year, but they still had the 8th-10th Commandments to go over.  So, we studied the eighth commandment with them in small groups.  Then we had a time just to hang out with the Teens.  Then the Team went to Joel and Abigail Loughridge’s house and played board games.

Wednesday started with devotions and then Kids Club.  I gave a talk this day on ‘Jesus Calms the Storm’; the talks were all related on Jesus and the sea.  When Kids Club was finished we set up for the Pensioner’s Tea Party.  At this tea party Martin and Mary Crossin, who are musicians, came across from the Republic of Ireland, and performed, and I performed as well.  Also the Team sang as a choir.  After that we helped serve teas, coffees, and cakes.  Then that evening at Go Teens, we had a craft night, followed by studying the ninth commandment in the small groups.

Thursday was the same start with devotions and Kids Club.  In the afternoon we had our Team Bible Study, and then in the evening we had Go Teens, and that night the Teens were doing baking and studying the tenth commandment.  We also played a commandment game where each of the Go Team was a commandment and had to go and hide, and then the Teens had to read verses and then figure out what commandment it was talking about, and then go look for the Team member that was the commandment, but some of the Team members were hidden really, really well, and they couldn’t find them.  Afterwards the Team stayed around the church hall and played sardines.

Friday we had devotions and then a Family Fun Day.  All the kids who had been coming to Kids Club could invite their families to come along.  We had a pea fair, where you won peas, and you had to spend peas to play a game.  We awarded prizes to the kids who had been coming all week.  That afternoon we had our Team Bible study.  Then the Go Teens had an outing where we went to The Edge watersports which was basically inflatables on the water.  The highlight of that was when I tried to front flip and ended up belly-flopping.  After that we went to Macdonalds.  Then we played games in the church till quite late.  Saturday we went out for breakfast as a Team.  Then we said our goodbyes and everyone left.

On this team we got to know quite a lot of kids from the Kids Club, and they were wanting to sit next to you or copy you, and you could see you were having an effect.  Some kids you thought weren’t listening at all, but then on the last day they were able to say the memory verse really well, and you realised they really had been listening the whole time.  The other thing we were aware of was that it was God working through us, that it wasn’t just us doing this.  When we gave a talk it was the voice of God working through us.  Joel had preached on that on the Sunday, and we studied that idea as a Team.  This was my first Go Team in Northern Ireland, and I really enjoyed it.

Jessica Muir

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