Prayer Points

Thanksgiving and Prayer For:

– the blessings God gives us: food, shelter, etc., and for His love, and mercy, and grace to us His people.
– the gift of the Lord’s Day, when we can rest from our normal work and gather to worship Him.


– the salvation of our children, young people, and  those who worship with us but as yet have not professed faith.


– that God would write His Word on our hearts.


– Pray that God would continue to bless the preaching of His Word to His glory.
– Give thanks for those who do church cleaning and offer hospitality.
– Give thanks for the Reformation Tour that took place last week. Pray for the three Tours taking place this week.


– Pray for those dealing with illness.
– Pray for the McPheats, Bougheys, Cathie, and Quigleys away on holiday and Karen and Robert and Carol who go on holiday this week.


Congregations in which the Session are directly involved.
North Edinburgh
– Pray that the Lord would continue to bring in men and women from the community.

Stranraer RPCS
– Pray for the growth of the church.

Sister Congregations, and Churches
Give thanks that the forwarding of the Meadville RP Church Call to Gary Gunn has been forwarded to the RPCS Presbytery for processing.
– Stornoway – Pray for the congregation as they seek to be a witness to the community.
– Irish RPC – Pray for the Galway Go Team going on this week.
– North American RPC – Pray for the Theological Foundations Backpacking Trip going on this week and Shane Sapp as he leads it.
– Nantes RPC in France – Give thanks for the good conversations at the outdoor music festival and those who accepted Bibles and books.
– Australia RPC – Pray that God would grant His blessing on the McKinnon Session.
– Japan RPC – Give thanks that Higashisuma RPC has been 10 years in their new building. Pray that the Lord will continue to bless the work done by the congregation.

National Leaders
– Pray for our nation as we see the growth in ungodliness.
– Pray for the Lord’s mercy upon our Parliament that they would seek to be obedient to God.
– Pray for the Queen as head of state and for the salvation of the next Monarch.



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