Senior Camp

The week the 2nd-9th July, the Irish RP Church runs their annual Senior Camp in Armagh for young people 16+.  This year Caitlin and Calvin Quigley from Airdrie RPCS attended.  They were interviewed about their week away.

What was your favourite activity at Camp?

Calvin – I quite enjoyed the messy games.

Caitlin – Can I say – seeing all my friends?  It was great just chilling out with them.

Camp Volleyball

Camp Volleyball

What were the talks like?

Calvin – They were on ‘Big Questions’: things like ‘Does God Exist?’; ‘Is There Life After Death?’; ‘Is the Bible Really God’s Word?’

Caitlin – Yes, and ‘Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?’; ‘What Does That Mean For Us?’; ‘Can We Follow Other Religions?’  Rev.  David Sutherland gave the talks, and they were really good.  He dealt with each one from a Biblical, apologetic, and scientific perspective.

Calvin – Sometimes I just forget that besides Scriptural proof, how much historical proof there is for these things.

Caitlin – I like how he took common objections to things and answered those as well.  So, if you’re talking to someone, and these things come up, you are better equipped to handle objections they might have.



What was your favourite thing overall about Camp?

Caitlin – The fellowship.  The chance to make new friends and see old friends, and hang out – it was good.

Calvin – Meeting new people.  Making new friends.  The fellowship with other young Christians that you don’t get as much over here.  Being around 80 people your own age that believe the same as you rather than 4.


Calvin, this was your first year at Senior Camp, did it meet your expectations?

Calvin – Oh, it exceeded them!  I had doubts whether it would be as much banter and fun as Boys Camp.  Senior Camp is more chilled out but really fun.  There is plenty of time to hang out and get to know new people, which is nice.

Calvin with friends

Calvin (middle) with friends from Camp.

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