Airdrie Mission – Monday

Banner2Give thanks for the first night of the Mission.  Around 60 people were there, most from the Airdrie congregation, some from Glasgow RPCS, and some visiting family members and people from the community.

Rev. Andrew Quigley preached on John 15:19-29.  He gave an introduction to the idea of resurrection.  He spoke on how we only have one life, it is incredibly short, and incredibly precarious.  He spoke of the death that lies ahead of us, and the separation between the body and the soul.  He spoke of how death is not the end.  At the moment of death, a soul will go either into the presence of God in His love and mercy or into the eternal punishment reserved for those who reject God and His way of salvation.  He spoke of the Day of Judgement when Christ will return as the risen, glorified King of kings, and all who have lived will be raised again to face Him.

Please continue to pray for this week of services.  Pray that men and women would be brought to saving faith in Christ.

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