Covenant Kids Club Party

On Friday the 11th December Covenant Kids Club finished for the year with a party at Adventure Planet, a soft-play centre in Cumbernauld.  Thirteen children came along for a fun hour of slides and climbing frames and ball pits and general merriment.  It has been a great Autumn term for Kids Club with four new children coming along, bringing our numbers up to 16 when all are there.  We have been studying the Ten Commandments, and it is joy to hear the children recite them from memory now, with most of the children knowing them all by heart.  We are so happy that they are storing up God’s Word in their hearts, and even the youngest who is not quite three, can say the first commandment.  We are thankful for the parents and grandparents who faithfully bring their children every week to the Club and are so supportive in so many ways.  We know this is a sacrifice of effort and time at the end of a busy week of work, and we are so glad to see the children there each week.  We are also thankful for the work that Beth, Margaret, Calvin, and Jessica do as leaders and for the assistance of the Semester in Scotland students.  Covenant Kids Club will resume the 15th January.

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