Update from Josh

Josh Robertson is in America working at a Christian camp.  This is an update he wrote last Saturday (the 14th)


Hey, Andrew asked me to let y’all know how I am doing.  I am doing well.  Health wise God has blessed me.  The past week and a bit has been staff training, and it’s amazing to see the strong bond between counselors and service staff already. We had a testimony night and also a prayer night which has brought us closer together, not only as colleagues but also as brothers and sisters in Christ.  As well as fun stuff like kayaking and rock climbing and rappelling.  Plus many, many hours of training and tests to allow us to safely look after campers. This week we have real campers coming, and I am both nervous and excited.  I would like to ask for the church to pray for :

– That the Holy Spirit would fall upon the camp next week and open the hearts of those who are not yet saved.

– That He would give me the wisdom, and the knowledge to encourage the kids that are struggling.

– That the “community” of staff would continue to grow in Christ, and we would be effective examples of how these kids should interact with each other not only at camp but also in the future.

Also I’m thinking of everyone at home.   Josh.


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