Christ Who Leads – Semester in Scotland Update

It has been almost two weeks now that we have been in Scotland, and as we prepare for a weekend in Northern Ireland I want to take a few moments to reflect on my time thus far.

Last week Kelly shared that we had a special opportunity to visit Stirling Castle.  I cannot remember finding anything that was not enjoyable about that trip.  The location was beautiful as the castle looked over hills and valleys and as the Wallace Monument stood tall in the distance along the mountain side.  The history was abundant, but my remembering of it all was not quite so.  I count it a special privilege to experience places like that; places that portray the creativity of the Lord.

Rangers gameOutside Edinburgh CastleThis past week has been filled with new adventures, new places, and the constant graces of Christ.  On Saturday, Chris, Tim, and I took a train into Glasgow and enjoyed a Rangers football match at the Ibrox Stadium.  The atmosphere was unparalleled; a packed out stadium, fans chanting and roaring non-stop, and a view right near the pitch.  On Wednesday the four of us were taken to Edinburgh to experience the castle and city there.  It was much more of a crowded area than that of Stirling, but enjoyable nonetheless.

BooksI am sure you are wondering if we are actually getting any sort of schooling in all of this.  Well, the answer is yes!  Each morning of the week we have a designated study time that lasts roughly 3 hours then in the afternoons we participate in the seminars for each class.  We only just began our seminars this past week, but I think we all are settling in to a routine.  I don’t necessarily like the connotations of the word “routine” but I suppose it’s what comes with being a student.  I am sure I can say for all of us that we are excited for the learning that will transpire, the growth that will ensue, and the maturity that will occur throughout our studies and travels.

In the midst of what we see as a special opportunity, I cannot continue without the affirmation that Christ is our guide.  As we tread unfamiliar lands, encounter new faces, develop new relationships, and experience the beauty of the Lord, I am confident that I am being led by one who has seen and knows all.  It is a reassuring thing to consider that no matter how uncertain we are of the next step, Christ is the one who leads.  I would have no other than the one who has saved me whereby I put my trust.

“The LORD is my Shepherd.”


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