Stacy in Uganda – Final Update

Stacy has returned from Uganda, but here is her final update of her time there.  There will be a full article about her trip in the autumn Good News, Lord willing.















“This will be my last update from Karamoja, Uganda.  I can’t believe that my time here is nearly over.  I have learned so much and experienced so many new things that it is so overwhelming to look back and try to sum my whole trip up.  I thank God every day for opening up this opportunity for me to come here, and I thank you all so much for your support and prayers.

This week we didn’t have much planned, as our school programme was over, so we decided that it would be good to go to some villages and teach a Bible story to the children who weren’t at school.  On Monday we went to a local village where two sick men were, one man had a sore that itched all over his body causing swelling in his legs and feet; he had been suffering for over two months, and there was nothing they could give him.  Also another man recently had a stroke, so he was weak on the right side of his body.  We wanted to take this time to pray with these men and show that it’s in God’s hands to heal them and not any kind of witchcraft.  Walking through these villages is like a maze – they don’t look so big from the outside, but they just keep on going and going.  I was also sick this week, so on Tuesday I stayed in bed and then went to Namalu in the afternoon to a midweek.  It was just a 24 hour bug, and I’m back to normal now.  We also had the chance to return to Nakallee primary school, so we could hand the headmaster a Bible, and the kids wanted to sing the songs they had learned and recite their memory verse.  Whilst all this was going on, some men from the army were herding cows (lots of cows) and then people.  We found out they were arresting these people and taking their cows because they were hiding guns.  It was pretty exciting!  On Thursday we were able to go to Namalu to visit a pre-school programme; this was to see how they run it in order to get ideas for the new pre-school opening here in September.  It was amazing – I’m so glad we were able to see this programme.  The school was in a mud hut, and they were learning their ‘abc’s,’ numbers, money, and so on.  It was such an encouragement to see that people actually wanted children to learn.  It brought so much joy to my heart to see them all able to join in, because we have witnessed a lot of children just memorising stuff and not actually knowing the meaning.

I’m going to miss my time here in Uganda, all the people I have met, the missionaries, the missionary kids who are so much fun (they just remind me of our CY but so much smaller!),  and then Justin who is another visitor, who has been part of our team.  I will miss my team so much, it’s like we have become a wee family.  It will be strange not having them around all the time.  Even though it will be sad saying goodbye to them all, I am so thankful to God for placing these beautiful ladies in my life: Emily, Steph, Liz, and Rachel. “

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