Stacy in Uganda – Update 2

It feels like I just wrote you all yesterday!  My week has flown in.

On Monday we went to a celebration for Martyr’s Day – it was so fun.  People were wearing bright colours and lots of beads.  There was lots of singing and dancing by the Karamojans, and we got front row seats.

Stacy and the schoolThis week Steph, Martha, George, Emily, and I started our school programme.  It was a great success, and we enjoyed every second of it.  When we started on Tuesday there were only 11 children, after word went around the villages the number grew, and by Thursday we had over 80 children, and Friday it went up to over 90.

Our theme of the week was oceans, as nearly all of them don’t have a clue what an ocean is, and they don’t know anything about different kinds of fish.  They liked hearing about the sharks!  We also told Bible stories that related to water: first day – Creation and the Fall; second day – Noah’s Ark; third day – Jesus and the catch of fish; and finally the woman at the well.  Our focus was to show how sin entered the world, and how Jesus came into the world and led a perfect life and then died for our sins so we can have eternal life.  Please pray that these children will have taken in these stories and believe in Him.  We also had a memory verse which nearly all of the older kids had learned by day two!  They are really clever.  We also did some games and colouring.  It was a great week, and we are so thankful to God for answered prayers.

This week we are going to another school, and there will be approximately 200 kids – it’s going to be crazy!  Please pray for us that we will have new energy and strength to work with the children, and that the Holy Spirit will be working in these kids’ lives.

Liz and Rachel were still in the clinics working this week.  They sound like they are having a great time getting to know all the clinic staff and seeing a variety of things.

Stacy in riverWe had Communion last Sunday and a herd of cows just randomly walked by – strangest Communion service I’ve ever experienced!

Missing you all,
Stacy x

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