Stacy on RP Mission Team to Uganda


The Latest Update:

Thursday morning – “This week we have mostly sorted out stuff for the school programme that will be running in one of the schools nearby next week.  The theme of the programme is the ocean and the sea creatures, as the kids haven’t seen anything like it before.  For Bible stories we are doing the Creation and the Fall, then Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the whale, the woman at the well, and Jesus and the fish.  Please pray for us as we prepare our lessons and that the teachers and kids actually come to school. ( The teachers haven’t been fully paid, so they might not show, and if no teachers, then no kids.)  The other two girls have been at the clinic working with Dr Jim and the staff – they are having a great time.  Today is baby day, so I’m looking forward to hearing how they got on.  The missionaries are wonderful, we all feel part of the family already  and we have only been here a week!  Thank you for all your prayers !” – Stacy Muir





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