Girls Adventure Camp Reunion

Caitlin Quigley attended Girls Adventure Camp Reunion in Lisburn, Northern Ireland the 25th-27th January.  Here is her report on the weekend:

caitlin2For Camp Reunion we stayed in the Lisburn RP Church.  The talks were on Evangelism.  Christine used a good illustration of cornfields and planting and sowing in real life and comparing that to sowing the seed in evangelism.  We discussed methods of evangelism like inviting people to things or helping others with evangelism.  There was also a workshop night with different mini talks and discussions.   We also spent time hanging out, doing our nails, playing games, and going to the cinema.  On the Lord’s Day we went to Lisburn RP Church.  The thing I liked best about Camp Reunion was getting to see everyone I hadn’t seen in awhile and the fellowship with them.  I would tell other girls to come to Girls Adventure Camp – it’s a good opportunity to meet other people and get encouragement you wouldn’t necessarily have in Scotland as much.

Caitlin Quigley 

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