Mission Teams

The global RP Church has a number of short term Mission Team opportunities.  GO Teams are run by the Irish RP Church, and RP Missions is run by the American RP Church.

If you wish to go on a GO or RP Mission Team in 2013, please submit your request to Session in writing by the 3rd February 2013.

This request must state the following: the mission team you’d like to apply for, including dates, and a statement of why you want to go on that mission team and what you hope to gain from doing so. You also might want to list teams you have been on in the past.

Here are a list of the teams that will be taking place this year.

GO Teams
16th March – Shaftesbury Square
28th March-1st April – Airdrie
22nd-27th June – Faughan
23rd-28th June – Glenmanus
24th-28th June – Bailiesmills
20th-27th July – Galway
5th-10th August – Cloughmills
10th-17th August – Riverside
18th-25th August – Letterkenny
24th-30th August – Knockbracken
14th September – Stranraer

For more information about GO Teams, please click here.

RP Mission Teams
21st May-28th June – Carnlough, Northern Ireland
23rd May-26th June – Airdrie
5th June-9th July – Melbourne, Australia
13th June-25th July – Karamoja, Uganda
18th June-9th July – Larnaca, Cyprus
18th June-9th July – Nantes, France
21st June-2nd July – Kaiserslautern, Germany
24th June-15th July – Cartago, Costa Rica
28th June-22nd July – Enid and Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
1st July-12th August – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
22nd July-19th August – Kobe, Japan

For more information about RP Mission Teams, please click here.

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