Boys Discovery Camp

This year Calvin Quigley attended Boys Discovery Camp from the 28th July – 4th August in Armagh, Northern Ireland.  It was Calvin’s second summer at Camp.  We asked him some questions about his week at Camp.

What was your favourite activity?
I really liked the watersports and the squad games.  The theme for the week was the Olympics, and my squad were called the pole-vaulters.  We were the worst squad at Camp – overall, we won nothing.  But I still liked the squad games.

What were the talks on?
Joshua and at evening worship there were talks on words in the Bible that might be hard to understand like eternity, Israel, repentance, etc.  On Sunday we went to Rathfriland RP Church.

Was there anything you especially remembered from the talks?
In the second talk we learned about how God said things like, “I will be with you”, and then we saw how God was with Joshua his whole way through it, through everything that happened.

What was your favourite part about Camp this year?
I really liked the activities we did outside of Camp, and the squad games, and the food was good.  Also, the memory verse (Hebrews 12:1-3) was easier to remember than last time.

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