Covenant Kids Club & CY

On Friday night we had our Summer Party for Covenant Kids Club.  Unfortunately, due to wet and stormy weather conditions, we had to change our plans from an outdoor BBQ to an indoor one, but everyone seemed to have a good time anyway.  We played a variety of games: stomp the balloon, egg and spoon race, 3 legged race, wheelbarrow race, duck waddle, ring toss, ‘what’s the time Mr. Wolf’, cotton ball game, and marshmallow towers.  Then we had our burgers, sausages, and ice lollies.  It was a really fun evening.  We’re so thankful for the good year we’ve had, for the fun the kids have had, for all the things they are learning about God and His Word, and for all the parents and grandparents who make a big effort every Friday night to bring these children here.  Please keep praying for them over the summer, that the Lord would draw these boys and girls to Himself.


On Saturday CY went to Go Ape, an outdoor tree adventure course, up north about an hour.  It boasts the UK’s longest zip line, and it was amazing, and a little scary, to see the CY go flying across a valley and through the trees on this zip line.  Everyone had a great time, despite the midges.  This was the last organised CY event before the summer break, and we are very thankful for the year we have had.  Please keep the young people in prayer as they go on Go Teams, RP Mission Teams, go to camps, look for work, attend the American International Conference, and relax over the summer.

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