Wedding of Megan McAleese & William Johnston

The wedding of Megan McAleese, a member of the church, and William Johnston took place on Friday the 1st June at 2pm.  Around 150 people were in attendance on this beautiful sunny day, and it was a joy to see and hear the singing of the Psalms, the happiness the couple had, and the wonderful sermon about sin and grace and the gifts of God.  After the worship service there was a light reception in the hall for all.  William is a member of Newtowncrommelin Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland, and he attended Airdrie RP Church for 4 years while studying at Glasgow Caledonian University.  Megan and William will be living in Northern Ireland.  We will miss Megan, but we are thankful to the Lord for providing her with a godly husband, and we wish her well in her new life.

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