Tall Oaks Reformation Tour

The Reformation Tour for Tall Oaks Classical School went very well.  There were 10 students and 2 leaders on this 7 day Tour.  They visited Glasgow, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, worshipped with us in Airdrie, saw the rural sites pertaining to the Covenanting times, spent time with our own young people, visited Stirling, and had a final day hiking in Glencoe.  Everyone had a great time, and we look forward to having groups from this school back again.

Todd Palmer writes: Thank you very much for a wonderful experience touring some of the key Reformation locations in Scotland. To learn of the events and faith of our spiritual fore-fathers and mothers was moving. I have often taken the history of this period for granted, but not any more. The faithfulness of the brave men and women who were willing to sacrifice their lives in honor of their Savior and Lord is an example we should all seek to emulate.

To find out more about Reformation Tours, a ministry of the RPCS, visit the website: www.reformationtours.org

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